At home

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Denis Caunov and Darya Golneva. Model is Nata Grig. The brand is OK Kino.

“Images and childhood memories, when the reality is closely intertwined with dreams.
The cosy checkered wool and theatricality characters. A trip out of town during the holidays. Ringing and reflective glare glass earrings. Knitted fringe as on a homey blanket.
Glass beads embroidery, inspired by the works of Constantin Brancusi. The warm wood texture of the side table. Shirt Dress from a linen tablecloth – a sense of homeliness. 
Melancholy and nostalgia. Painting 1 * 1 as a final look.

OK KINO is a team from two different fields – architecture and fashion design. We use an interdisciplinary approach in our work, complementing the collections with industrial design, art and photo projects. Authenticity is both a goal and a source of inspiration.
An attempt to combine artisanship with modern culture.
The photo session combines the textures that inspired our collection – metal and untreated wood. One of the key objects was a clay vase with a rough surface and peeling paint.”

Photography by Denis Caunov and Darya Golneva / Instagram:
Models is Nata Grig / Instagram: @natagriig
The brand is OK Kino