At One with the Mud – Digital catwalk presentation by Billy Barrett

Introducing designer Billy Barrett and his Graduate collection: At One with the Mud! “I’ve been working on a short digital fashion film in response to the cancellation of Graduate Fashion Week. Not being able to show my graduate collection in a catwalk setting due to COVID-19 was a big knock, I was pushed to think how I could create a catwalk in some capacity as it’s been such a big goal of mine and fashion students across the country.”

“Lockdown has meant I’ve had a lot more time on my hands and took it upon myself to adapt my practise and learn some 3D programs so I could expand into the digital world – an increasingly important element of fashion and innovation. With this film, I aim to show people what the future of fashion and lifestyle could look like. A virtual catwalk can reach a much wider audience and eradicates the negative externalities associated with physical presentations (emissions from travelling buyers/ press, traffic and pressure on already overcrowded cities and the inaccessibility associated with the high-end fashion world to name a few).”

Credits (photos): 3D clothing and photography by Billy Barrett / / @billybarrett_9
Credits (video): Creative direction/ 3D animation by Billy Barrett /  Instagram @billybarrett_9
Music by Tom Barrett/ Instagram @barrett_dnb

Brand: Billy Barrett

Dissolving the divide between nature and human beings was the driving force behind this collection.
Subverting the surfaces of the earth onto the human body, a return to the mossy bed back from the concrete cradle.

Photography by Tyler Little