Between Dust And Sun

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Emilia Staugaard. Model is Brian Kamara signed at Scoop Models. Styling by Sebastian Zal Filsoof. Brands are Nikolaj Storm, Freya Dalsjø, Jean Phillip, COS, Domantas Smaizys, Vintage.

Photography by Emilia Staugaard/ / Instagram: @emiliastaugaard

Styling by Sebastian Zal Filsoof/ / Instagram: @sebastianzf

Model is Brian Kamara signed at Scoop Models/ Instagram: @kamarabrian

Photography assistant is Iain Ailles / Instagram: @aaailles

“I’m a Copenhagen based photographer and filmmaker. I work mainly with portrait photography and I sometimes mix my love for portraits and movement with fashion. For this editorial I teamed up with stylist Sebastian Zal Filsoof to create a bright and dusty universe. I was very inspired by a sentence that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, which is “it’s too hot outside today”. That combined with the global media coverage of climate change, made me want do an editorial that visually explores the consequences of global warming.”