Black Men deserve Roses

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andrea Amponsah. The model is James Watss. Creative direction & styling by Djodjo Pongo. Art direction by Lisanne van den Dungen. Movement direction by Jaimito Poeketi. Text by Jella Nine.

May you bloom.
For now, is the time that you may finally be free.

Get out of distorted hues being put on you.

Do not lose your petals comforting those who have not once taken the time to water, you.

For you, my angel.
You run your own parade.

You hold it down,
for yourself.

Therefore today
is yours to take.

You may finally decide your fate.

Creative direction & styling by Djodjo Pongo / Instagram: @djo_ell
Photography by Andrea Amponsah / Instagram: @akadrestudio
Model/Artist is James Watss / Instagram: @jameswatss
Art direction by Lisanne van den Dungen / Instagram: @lisannevdd
Movement direction by Jaimito Poeketi / Instagram: @dj.mitotysoni
Writer Jella Nine / Instagram: @jellanm

Versace Shades: @bril_son_
White Clothing: Carhartt
Boots: Dr. Martens