Boys of Marke

KALTBLUT presents Boys of Marke. Photography by Felix von der Osten and & Kayla Kauffman. Models are Pascal Schattenburg & Hannes Dömling. Hair & Make-Up by Geesche Arning. MARKE is a young jewellery brand from Cologne, Germany, founded by Mario Keine in 2021. All jewels and custom made pieces by MARKE.

Driven by the mindset to understand the human spirit and personality as a free, dynamic construct, MARKE creates collections that give the character room to simultaneously explore different shapes of aesthetics.

A rich canon of inspiration, influences of historic decades and future epoques creates a world that puts products in a new context by playing with conventional and alternativ apporaches.

Hybridity, fluidity and eclecticism are paramount roles. Historic and newly developed manufacturing techniques balance the borders of production of jewellery, textile, accessories and interior.

The start of the brand makes an assortment of jewellery produced from casted silicone and counteracted by hand-assembled metal closures. In the near future, MARKE will explore wider fields of the product by successively adding and including new product categories and techniques to the portfolio.


Photography by Felix von der Osten / / Instagram: @fvdo
& Kayla Kauffman / / Instagram: @klacupcake
Models are Pascal Schattenburg / Instagram: @pascal.schattenburg
& Hannes Dömling / Instagram: @hnescoast
Hair & Make-Up by Geesche Arning / / Instagram: @geesche_sqnce_

Brands used are:

All jewels and custom made pieces by MARKE @marke.brand / Viktor & Rolf @viktorandrolf / Comme des Garcons @commedesgarcons / Prada @prada / Falke @falke / Ammann