Building Bridges with Art: Berlin Art Week Inaugurates the Project ›Explore Berlin Art Week‹

To mark this jubilee year, Berlin Art Week is kicking off the outreach programme ›Explore Berlin Art Week‹. Berlin Art Week offers many opportunities to explore new things, adopt novel perspectives, and experience art close up: ›Explore Berlin Art Week‹ seeks to bring visitors and artists even closer together, promoting encounters and exchange.

With ›Explore Berlin Art Week, an extensive programme of outreach and education is presented for visitors of all generations: all across the city and locally in each neighbourhood. On the grounds of Kindl—Center for Contemporary Art in Neukölln, the temporary meeting point ›BAW Garten‹ will be opening for the first time, where those curious and interested in art can meet and enter into conversation. In addition, the existing tour programme of Berlin Art Week is being expanded and complemented with new formats.

›BAW Garten‹

Berlin Art Week will be designing ›BAW Garten‹ together with artist Sol Calero BAW Garten, where on five days everyday various programmes will be held from 9 am to 10 pm. Workshops, conversations, art and music—open air and free admission—invite visitors of all generations to stop by and spend some time.

Sol Calero, Isla, 2019, Installation view, Extra City, Antwerp. Courtesy of ChertLüdde, Berlin and Crevecoeur Galerie, Paris; Foto: We Document Art

The programme at ›BAW Garten‹ is being held with several partners. In cooperation with Stadtbewegung e.V., you can get moving each morning with a one-hour wake up programme with simple exercises: free of charge and open to all who want to start off their day fresh. Over the course of the day, various activities follow. A different art institution will be the guest at ›BAW Garten‹ each day and hold workshops onsite with the title ›A Special Moment‹. The institutions will include Berlinische Galerie, Gropius Bau, Kindl—Center for Contemporary Art, and PalaisPopulaire, as well as a workshop by the artist Sol Calero herself. In collaboration with Museumsdienst Berlin, various approaches and programmes at the institutions are included and presented in a special way to various groups, like school classes, families, and others interested in the workshops. In addition, there will be an offering for a joint lunch, ›Daily Bread‹ with the cook and artist Caique Tizzi, and events to participate in like ›PostGarten‹, linking up neighbours with one another.

Also part of the programme: the performance series ›With All Senses‹ or the interview format ›A Date with…‹ featuring young artists from the programme of Berlin Art Week and designed with the performance collective Gob Squad. In the evening, DJ sets close out the day in cooperation with SchwuZ.

Tours for Berlin Art Week

›Explore Berlin Art Week‹ also will be offering a rich variety of tours in collaboration with various partners. By foot, bike or bus, and accompanied by experts, visitors can catch a glimpse behind the scenes and enter into conversation with artists, curators, or gallerists. Guided tours with various emphases offer an overview of the many artistic positions—for the first time, overview tours of various partners are being offered where the visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse programme without prior knowledge.

Calla Henkel und Max Pitegoff, Film-Still, Paradise, Episode 2, 2021

In cooperation with Museumsdienst Berlin, several tours will be offered where participants can visit three to four places with expert guides in various neighbourhoods by foot or by bus. The tours of BerlinViews, a collaboration of over 25 Berlin galleries, invite to exclusive gallery visits in a small circle. The Network of Independent Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives will this year be organizing several-hour bike tours to select project spaces that are this year being honoured with the Project Space Award.

All tours can be booked at the Berlin Art Week website. Visitors who would prefer to explore on their own can find useful tips in ›Berlin Art Week x Cee Cee Kieztouren‹, which offer art walks to various institutions and exhibition sites of Berlin Art Week in different Berlin neighbourhoods and also suggest culinary tips for stops along the way.

To participate in the tours and events at BAW Garten, one of the following is required: proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, a negative test result, or certification that you have had the virus and recovered.

›Explore Berlin Art Week‹ is being funded by special grant from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

The complete programme of ›Explore Berlin Art Week‹ is available here.

The programme of Berlin Art Week 2021

The Berlin Art Week Journal can be read here.