Carlota’s Lockdown by Mario Iru

Mario Iru is a photographer from Puebla, Mexico.”I think this whole COVID-19 situation has been quite similar to the story Poe tells about Prince Prospero locked in his palace giving a party for the nobles while his people outside are plagued by illness.” Model is Carlota Gida. Fashion by Naphtalina and Max Rivera. Accessories by Alexandro de Quiroga. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

“These photos that show Carlota wearing ornamental masks that would never prevent the spread of a virus and wearing her best clothes and jewelery for herself, in the solitude of her manción seek to be pioneers in the representation of a reality, a “new normal” that It will govern us from now on and of which the most representative will be (once again) the use of masks, what kind of masks will they be? How practical could they be? How stylizable? How technological? Probably for those who have more, the fact that the masks look good will be enough. “

Photographer and retoucher Mario Iru 
Instagram: @marioiruph
Model, makeup, wigs and styling by Carlota Gida 
Instagram: @carlotagida
Fashion Designers Naphtalina  and Max Rivera
Accessories by Alexandro de Quiroga
Instagram: @xtrvgnz.accesorios
Location and special thanks to Cerdo Picante
Instagram: @cerdopicante