The world may be in lockdown, but life isn’t. And neither is the new (CRLNBSMNS) S/S21 collection. A blunt refusal to play it safe… a potent vaccine against the boring and banal… and a resounding call to celebrate every occasion – even if there is no occasion! Because… life is not better in pyjamas! @carolinebosmans /

Such is the title and subject of this emphatic new (CRLNBSMNS) collection. The result of a clear and resounding choice in favour of beauty over banality… creativity over comfort… and resistance over conformity. As such, Caroline Bosmans’ colourful and provocative creations form a stark contrast with everyday life under lockdown. Offering an antidote to the dull, grey boredom of isolation. And evoking the freedom all of us yearn for.

This brave new collection is a refreshing and unbridled expression of that cry for freedom. A carefree and at times paradoxical mix of fabrics, shapes, colours and prints: from shiny crepe to tongue-in-cheek terry… from sleek cuts to ornate bows… from unpretentious whites to iridescent colours and bold lettering… Every item invites both matching and contrasting combinations. All topped off, of course, with Bosmans’ signature caps: an iconic feature of every (CRLNBSMNS) collection.

In short, (CRLNBSMNS) S/S21 offers a healthy dose of irony with which to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. For the radically rebellious who cannot – and will not – be held down.

Production by Bounce Rocks. @bouncerocks