Club Culture United – Stand Up For Ukraine

Via @clubcommission: While Berlin is gradually returning to normality, Ukraine is in a barely comparable state of emergency. The war of aggression launched by Putin on February 24 has cost countless lives and forced over half a million people to flee so far.

Berlin’s club culture, which is closely linked to Kyiv’s club culture, is launching a solidarity campaign for Ukraine as part of the reopening of Berlin’s clubs. A portion of the proceeds from the first club weekends will go to humanitarian aid organizations.

Who can participate?

  • All clubs as well as all club cultural actors, music venues, bars, collectives, labels, DJs,….
  • Clubs that have started their own campaigns are still welcome to join our list of supporters.
How much will be donated?
  • Depending on your possibilities you can decide how much you want to donate but please communicate this to the public
  • This can be a percentage of the entrance fee or the cash turnover.
  • You can recommend to people with a guest list to donate the saved entrance fee.
  • Please provide donation boxes at the club cash desks.
How long does the campaign run?
  • The campaign is planned for the first opening weekend of your club.
  • If you open on March 4, please participate on that weekend.
  • If you open on the following weekend or later, please participate on your opening weekend.
  • You are also free to extend the campaign for additional weeks.
Where will the money be donated?

How does the processing work?
  • To facilitate the process, please donate to the organization of your choice yourself.
  • Please let us know how much you have raised or contact us with any questions:
How can you participate?
  • Under the following link you will find material for your communication: HERE
  • Think about which organization you would like to donate to. In the section “Where will the money be donated” you will find a selection of organizations.
  • Please make transparent in your communication how your donation campaign looks like.