Dodo and Tēnaka for the coral Reef

DoDo, the eco-conscious Maison of iconic charms and jewels, is proud to announce a new partnership with Tēnaka, a social enterprise helping to restore marine ecosystems. DoDo’s contribution to Tēnaka will aid restoration of 500m2 of precious coral reefs, known as the “jewels of the sea.” The DoDo For Tēnaka collaboration, symbolized by a coral, is commemorated by limited-edition DoDo’s new deep sea-blue Granelli Tēnaka bracelet, made of eco-friendly recycled plastics.

Naming itself after the extinct bird as a vow of its values, DoDo has been an eco-conscious pioneer since its 1994 inception. With DoDo For Tēnaka, the Milan Maison supports a niche ONG founded by French entrepreneur Anne-Sophie Roux and dedicated to ocean health. Restoring coral reefs with innovative new tactics including the laborious but fruitful installation of coral reef nurseries, Tēnaka is rebuilding reefs in Malaysia. Threatened with extinction due to climate change and the effects of over-tourism, coral reefs and their ecosystems produce 70% of the world’s oxygen: they vital to the survival of all species.

To mark the DoDo For Tēnaka moment, DoDo custom-designed a limited-edition Granelli Tēnaka bracelet of recycled materials. Echoing the iconic “grain of sand” design of DoDo’s Mini Granelli, the Granelli Tēnaka bracelet recalls the reflection of waters in Mauritius, the legendary paradise where the ‘dodo’ bird once lived. But instead of precious metals, the jewel colours of the new bracelet are composed of plastic polymers – including flexible and rigid plastics – considered to be the most difficult to recycle. Largely collected from the Mediterranean Sea, the plastic becomes jewels with the expertise of REVET out of Pisa, who then entrust Italian artisans at Ookii to dye, mold and sculpt the materials into deep-sea blue Mini Granelli shapes. With this renewed, durable life given to plastic waste, new Granelli Tēnaka designs shine like the blue horizon. Minimalistic Mini Granelli encircles its steel chain and brise, with a T-bar closure in silver and the signature DoDo plaque in silver and coral-coloured enamel, for an edgy, emblematic design to symbolize the partnership. /