EP Premiere: LÂLKA – ‘The Way Music Looks’

Glitch-pop experimentalist LÂLKA premieres her debut EP The Way Music Looks with a mind-blowing 13-minute long visualiser. Each track on the EP courses through waves of empowerment, a passionate and carefully crafted undertaking produced alongside a cast of collaborators including Ninajirachi, Muki, BRUX, Donatachi, Oh Boy, and Becki Whitton. “Music is visceral,” LÂLKA begins. “The way it rips my heart apart, the heart becoming a torn muscle. The levitating sensation. The electricity that charges through my sternum as if my chest were a circuit board. My background as a trained musician and academic allows me to intellectualise music, but when I create my own music, I rely on the visceral reaction my body and emotions give me rather than why I think it should be a certain way. Music is the most instinctive method for me to express myself. Images help. Words (in the form of the written text) are my next choice of preferred arsenal to communicate with. Thus, the EP The Way Music Looks and the accompanying visuals together encapsulate what I have to say. All of this combined is the result of my longing for unbridled self-expression.”

LÂLKA continues, “When the pandemic hit and timelines were put on pause, I used the extra time to create visuals for each track of the EP. This allowed me to create a visual universe to match the sonics of the songs. Whilst the tracks were created in collaboration, the visuals were entirely done in isolation. When the world turned upside-down, working on the visuals provided an escape for me, and also reminded me of the inner strength and creativity in all of us to overcome life’s challenges. I hope that when people listen to the music and watch the visuals, they’ll find their confidence to take on the challenges life throws at them.”

LÂLKA is a producer, vocalist and musician creating glitchy hyperpop with high-octane aesthetics. Through her unique vocal style and punk energy, reflected in her online presence and manifesting in her live performances, LÂLKA forms a niche musical sphere that is entirely her own. Her brazen take on pop experimentalism has been called many things: “the future” by Tone Deaf, “hyperpop brilliance” by NME, “too cool for this world” by Fashion Journal and many more. Since first emerging with her debut ‘Dare You To Love Me’, LÂLKA has steadily worked and built her portfolio to include supporting Charli XCX, Alice Ivy, Genesis Owusu, Miss Blanks and more alongside appearances at BIGSOUND, Laneway and FOMO festivals in recent years. Her contortion of glitchy electronica through the lens of her own experiences is palatial and ferocious with plenty of tongue-in-cheek energy. Her dynamism comes to life through dance, real-time sample triggering and live instrumentation as a classically trained musician.

The Way Music Looks will be released independently on March 17th


Experience ‘The Way Music Looks’ through an immersive livestream performance, combining real and virtual visual elements with music. This will not be a pre-recorded performance; everything will be live! It may be a virtual environment, but anything could happen! You’ll hear live edits of the music and experience virtual graphics mixing with real-time footage. Tune in at the times below. This concert is available for replay for fans unable to tune in at the livestream time. Tickets available HERE