Estonian Ego: Tommy Cash – Leave Me Alone

There really is nothing quite like working out in your finest Adidas attire, squelching through the mud, and a nice hot bath in your front garden tub to finish the day off. Unless your grandmother is stood a little too close for comfort during said bath. Well that’s something that doesn’t phase Estonian rapper Tommy Cash in his new video for ‘Leave Me Alone’. Filmed in what looks like the armpit of the world, Tommy looks like he’s having a pretty good time practicing his karate moves, headbanging in the back of his car with his bae, galloping through country lanes on his horse and setting his bath tub alight. Maybe the water wasn’t hot enough? Who knows. The track is taken from the 2014 debut, ‘Euroz Dollaz Yeniz.’

Here are some nice things that Tommy likes (just incase you didn’t already love him enough):

  1. HORSES: Because there is nothing more beautiful in the world than the feeling of riding.
  2. SPORTSWEAR: Practicality, and more. Adidas is my hero.
  3. SYMMETRY: Audio Visual terrorism is in my area.
  4. COMICS: I have always loved the colours, the abnormality and hope!
  5. FOOD: I’m a very passionate eater.
  6. WORKOUT: My body is my confidence, self-transcendence is the theme.
  7. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: I’ve snorkeled once in Sri Lanka with sharks, and would do it again.
  8. EXTREMES: All or nothing.
  9. MILLA JOVOVICH: “The Fifth Element”: Uuuh.
  10. EVERY LAST STORY OF MY ALBUMS: Which you can afford to buy here: