Expression of Black Colour and Fetishism in the Image of Gothic Subculture by Erika Juodytė

“I am an image designer Erika Juodytė from Lithuania. This fall, I defended my bachelor’s thesis, “Black Expression and Fetishism in the Gothic Subculture.” By choosing this topic, I basically combined three inspiring and dominant themes, from which came such a hybrid, preparing for a deeper and broader examination of the aspect of fetishism in fashion in future studies. In fact, it is important to mention that choosing fetishism as a topic was inspired by the trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort’s book “Fetishism in Fashion”. In fashion, L. Edelkoort is one of the most accurately seen people with a vision, from which I learn a lot.”

“In Lithuania, I mostly work on fashion photoshoots, I like to create conceptual, multi-layered photoshoots, the essence of which is not immediately and certainly noticed at first glance. One of the biggest projects I participated in is the fashion trend event based in Vilnius called “Exit to the City”. Together with the team “Image Council” we made clothes from waste, we worn clothes. We accompanied them, burned them, connected them in the strangest ways. The models looked like trashy post-apocalyptic haute couture creatures!

As for the bachelor’s topic “Black Expression and Fetishism in the Gothic Subculture”, I combined the Goth subculture, the painting genre called “vanity”, a fetishized religious image of the 10 God commandments of the Roman Catholics, of course black, which necessarily alternates with white and red combinations. Since the goal of the final work was to create 10 images, it fitted me very well with the aforementioned 10 commandments of God, all images created by each of the names.”

Photography by Ainis Baltakis, Berta Juškaitė / Instagram: @41n15 @negrazu
Models are Indrė Kuršvietytė, Gediminas Čėsna / Instagram: @iku_idea  @tinajenkam
Make up by Marija Beišytė / Instagram: @marijosakites
Hairdresser by Greta Ignatavičiūtė / Instagram: @plauku_style
Concept and style by Erika Juodytė / Instagram: @erikamarijajuodyte

“All clothes are my personal collection, all of them are from different second-hand stores, many of them don’t have labels on them. Mask is made my be – stylist Erika Juodytė.”