Good news for all Augustin Teboul fans (like me), last week one of the former designer Odèly Teboul introduced her first stunning collection and new label LOU DE BÈTOLY! Together with Art Director Zana Bosniak, de Bètoly has led us into a world of simultaneous realities and their absurd arrangements. The installation in the bar ‘the Liberate’ was under the question: What if the emotional intelligence would determine the value of beauty? What would happen if creativity and fantasy defined the politically correct? The pianist and singer Mathilde Fernandez completed this experience with her voice and led us deeper into the world of Lou de Bètoly. It made me feel as I’m in a bar in the roaring twenties of Berlin, mixed with Paris around the time when Yves Saint Laurent met Betty Catroux. You could feel the creative power in every corner of the bar! Thank you for bringing this energy back to Berlin and all the glitter!


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