FASHIONCLASH Festival: Class of 2020

As part of the FASHIONCLASH Festival, a selection has been made of a number of graduation projects of the Dutch fashion academies. These are presented in the form of an exhibition, not a “best of”, but a translation of the zeitgeist of the 2020 generation.
All photos by Laura Knipsael. @lauraknipsael

Designers are

Hailey Kim

Studio Mus Ruijg

Josephine Malcorps

Carolin Dieler


Hanakin Henriksson

Idan Grady

Katja R.

Charlotte Simons

Atelier Josja Louise

Lara Warson

Ilse Kremer

12th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival

The 12th edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival took place from 26 – 28 February 2021. During this three-day festival, a new generation of designers and (performing) artists from home and abroad were given the opportunity to show their work digitally to a broad and international audience. The program consisted of virtual fashion shows, exhibitions, short films, crossovers with performing arts and live fashion talks with festival participants. The festival provided visual spectacles, behind the scenes, personal stories of the participants and wide audience reach; the entire livestream is broadcasted free of charge.