Felina by Silvia Rocchino

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Silvia Rocchino. Model is Anastasia Guseva. Styled by Apolonio Apokalipsy using fashion by Krizia Robustella, Agustina Ros and Joel Escalonilla. Make-up and hair by Miquel Cristobal.

Photography by Silvia Rocchino / www.silviarocchino.com / Instagram: @silviarocchino
Model is Anastasia Guseva / Instagram: @sia.goo
Fashion Stylist: Apolonio Apokalipsy / Instagram: @freeapolonio
Makeup Artist: Miquel Cristobal / Instagram: @miquelcristobal
Fashion Designers: Krizia Robustella / Instagram: @kriziarobustella
Joel Escalonilla / Instagram: @joelescall
Agustina Ros / www.agustinaros.com / Instagram: @agustinarosglassartist
Producer: Haimney Gallery / @haimneygallery