Filipe Augusto Spring / Summer 2018 – 7 SKIRTS

#OneToWatch from Sangue Novo at ModaLisboa and WINNER OF FASHIONCLASH AWARDFilipe Augusto was born in Peso da Régua and currently lives in Porto. He graduated in Fashion Design, at Modatex Porto, in October 2016. 7 skirts is the starting point of this collection. Seven: from the seven Nazaré skirts, the traditional Portuguese costume that represents the seven virtues, the seven days of the week, the seven colors of the rainbow, among other related uses of the number. Elements as skirts and aprons, sometimes emulated in a deconstructed way into more masculine pieces, are distributed throughout seven models, each of them will tell a different story for a different skirt. Crochet is one hidden reference in the skirts and represents the fishing net’s nylon.

The mixture of checked and striped patterns, and the excessive use of color, allude to the wild and free spirit of the characters that are thrown to an acid contemporary fashion universe, switching from folklore to techno.

Photos: Ugo Camera