Front of House S/S23 – Biodiversity

To celebrate Primavera Sound, SVD teamed up with the festival to launch their collaborative brand, Front of House, which is now gearing up for its first collection.Editorial by Adrián Catalán.


Garments by @primavera_sound + @sivasdescalzo

While previous instalments celebrated the staff behind the scenes of the festival, with a special focus on the Barcelona and Los Angeles editions, this time around, it’s all about biodiversity, presenting the garden as a living art, with the gardener as a curator and protector of a form of art that goes beyond aesthetics, a real artisan of nature.

Throughout this collection, the narrative explores the similarities humans have with plants, through their flexibility, movement, tenderness, and weakness. This humanistic approach reflects our connection with the planet’s flora and natural habitat. As every plant nurtured by an individual, no matter how large or small, contributes to the environment, the labels on all garments are made of plantable seeds, symbolizing that plants are vulnerable to human power, but still continue to grow and flourish.

Front of House represents all those who appreciate and promote the work that takes place backstage and behind every procedure. Therefore, in the same way, the first drop stood out for its festival jargon and visuals on its T-Shirts and sweatshirts, this collection depicts a gardener’s attire.

BIODIVERSITY offers a curated selection of 27 pieces, of garments and accessories alike, that have been designed, made and dyed locally. Its materials and fabrics include organic cotton and fresh twill that perfectly reflect the arrival of spring. An urban-friendly collection that features oversized garments with utility details such as pouches, zippers, and pockets for tools. The pop-style aesthetic graphics depict a metaphor between the diversity of the audience at a music festival and the variety of flower species.