Genesis by Rulo Ibáñez and Maximiliano Ponce

Rulo Ibáñez is 26 years old, working as a graphic designer, makeup artist, and photographer based in Córdoba, Argentina. For this project, he teamed up with Queens America and Nhym, photographer Maximiliano Ponce and Patricio. 

“Genesis represents the beginnings of the creation of the world, based on the biblical experience of Genesis. Man and woman changed into a new style of interpretation: the drag, both in one. Ironies.”

Kweens are America  Instagram: @the.era.of.america
and Nhym  Instagram: @nhymthequeen

Photographers are Rulo Ibáñez  Instagram: @xruderalisx
and Maximiliano Ponce  Instagram: @800maxi

Thanks to Patricio  Instagram: @patohubert