Hey Gus by Daniel Lathwesen

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Daniel Lathwesen is an Art Director and a photographer based in Berlin. This project with Gus Dapperton was supported by Melt Booking who helped Lathwesen organizing the shoot. Daniel took the images one hour before the gig of Gus and his Band.

Photographer & Creative Director Daniel Lathwesen / www.daniellathwesen.com /
Instagram: @daniel_lathwesen
Model Gus Dapperton / gusdapperton.com /  Instagram: @gusdapperton
Styling Sonja Hodzode & Judith Gölzer / sonjahodzode.com
Instagram: @sonja_hodzode / @judith_goelzer
MUA Jana von Oheim Brosta / make-up-rocks.com / Instagram: @jana.vonoheimbrosta

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