Homo ludens

A KALTBLUT exclusive story about the transience and inconstancy of human life and beauty. The fact that many things need to be treated with a smile and not serious. Photography by Valeriya Shustval. Models are Danila Polyakov and Anna Vasyleva. Stylists are Svetlana Burkhovetskaya and Sonora. Make up and hair by Oksana Laskina. Brands are Roma Uvarov
 Design by NOB Agency, IA LONDON by NOB Agency,
 Adidas, Balance, Versany,
 Calzedonia, Mondy, Carina, Topshop.

Photography by Valeriya Shustval Instagram: @valeriyashu
Models are Danila Polyakov and Anna Vasyleva IG: @hanna_smetana
Model agency: Esther model management, IG: @esthermodelmanagement
Stylists are Svetlana Burkhovetskaya IG: @_s.u.b._
Sonora IG: @sonoramagic
Muah by Oksana Laskina IG: @laskinao