Blouse – Friperie White ring - Daniel Rhodriguez

Human art Object by Ksenia Usacheva

Ksenia Usacheva is a fashion and art photographer, a visual artist currently based in Paris. Human art Object  is a series of still life fantastic portraits, in which human beings are represented as immobile objects. Decorated with symbolic still life attributes, characters become idealised by their own beauty. Djamila Imani  is a model, visual artist, performer and a painter.

Blouse – Friperie Earrings – Daniel Rhodriguez Ring – Gavilane Gloves – Vintage

Body – Monki Glove – Love Republic Necklace – Daniel Rhodriguez Ring – Swarovski

“I try to question what is beauty in today’s society of consumerism. Human being becomes objectified, as mass media creates a standard of an ideal “cover person” – idol, iconic mask, with no personality, which is a perfect portrait of a human “face-off”. Nowadays media dictates which “objects” a person needs to have to become more like this “cover person”, to be accepted in the society and to be seen as “beautiful”, “successful”, “happy” etc. To reinforce this paradox, in this series I try to present portraits as if it was still life images.”

Dress – Vintage Earrings – Vintage

Frieprie Necklace – Daniel Rhodriguez

louse – Friperie White ring – Daniel Rhodriguez
Coat – Zara Earrings/Necklace – Vintage

Photography by
Ksenia Usacheva
Instagram: @usacheva.artphoto
Model is
Djamila Imani
Instagram: @djaian_
Make Up
by Eleonore Mixay
Instagram: @eleonore.mixay