For Men Only! May I introduce you to the young designer Pavol Dendis?! A 23 years old fashion design student of Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava – born in  the North of Slovakia. His label is named IAMPAVOLDENDIS. A men’s street fashion  label with using different kinds of  technologies in the textile design. “I like to play with shapes and forms of the garments which are mostly designed for masculine “youngsters”.  My collections are inspired by the nature , by what comes around  in street culture and music and it is a reflection of my personality.”

organichybrid10_mini organichybrid09_mini organichybrid07_mini organichybrid06_mini organichybrid05_mini organichybrid04_mini organichybrid03_mini organichybrid02_mini organichybrid01_mini

Collection name  ORGANIC HYBRID

Design by Pavol Dendis / www.facebook.com/dendispavol / instagram : @iampavoldendis
Photography by Radek Kudláček / www.kudlacek.photography / instagram : @radek_kudlacek
Models are Zdeněk Pejřimovský / Lukáš Vařecha / Lucas Mašovi
ć ( no agency )
Make-up made by Monika Vrbová / Make-up Institute Prague
Shoes by NIKE / Queens Prague / instagram : @queens_cz