Interview with queer hip-hop “Cool Mom” Mister Wallace

YAS GAWD. Chicago based rapper and performer Mister Wallace are coming to Europe and will be performing at WHOLE festival 2019 edition. WHOLE – United Queer Festival will take place June 14th–17th at Gremmniner See just next to Ferropolis. Tickets are still available OVER HERE. We took this occasion to catch up with multi-disciplinary artist Mister Wallace.

KALTBLUT: You’re last music project “Cool Mom” is been out for 6 months now. How would you describe your evolution since “ It Girl”?
Mister Wallace: I believe I’m still finding my voice but on COOL MOM I know I’m using more of it. I’ve evolved personally as well as artistically and that has everything to do with invigorating my relationship with my family and taking my place as a mother in the Chicago queer scene.

KALTBLUT: How important is it for you to bring your music to a live performance?
Mister Wallace: I put a lot of hidden meanings and personal narratives in my songs. You can hear my songs over and over and then feel something completely new when I unlock the doors in a live performance. I am a recording artist but more so I am a performance artist and one doesn’t exist without the other.

KALTBLUT: How will you describe the relationship you have with your audience?
Mister Wallace: My fans are my family. They are my children. They are my it girls.

KALTBLUT: You’re based in Chicago, how does the city influence your work?
Mister Wallace: I’m not only based in Chicago. I was born in Chicago. Like Blues, House, Jazz,  Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop and Gospel Chicago has birthed me and then recreated me for the world.

KALTBLUT: You really got a killer style. What’s your relationship with fashion in general?
Mister Wallace: Before working in music and film full time my career was luxury retail sales and before that, I wanted to be a designer. The look is often scened before the music and fashion like dance go one in one with my performance. It’s another way for me to paint a new future and tell my story to you.

KALTBLUT: Your lyrics are really open about sexuality and gender. How important is this to bring these topics to the actual conversation?
Mister Wallace: Sexuality and gender are some of the most prioritized building blocks in creating and identity. In order to understand who we are and what we want to become, we must understand our own sexuality and gender and then we must work to understand others.

KALTLBUT: You’re the founder of the Label FUTUREHOOD. Could tell us a bit more about this specific project?
Mister Wallace: FUTUREHOOD was co-founded by aCeb00mbaP, myself and our decorated field agent, Hijo Prodigo. We are a label, a media platform, a production house, and a way to the future of music media and storytelling.

KALTBLUT: You’ve already been touring in Europe, how will you describe the queer scene here in comparison to the one you know back home?
Mister Wallace: apples & oranges

KALTBLUT: I couldn’t help it but noticed that Rap music is really a full part of the queer scene in the USA, maybe even specifically in Chicago. Do you feel a difference about that coming to Europe?
Mister Wallace: I think queer artists in hip-hop are global but we do see hubs in places like Chicago, NY, Atlanta, and Oakland. This is similar to the way hip-hop first started with different sounds and styles from those cities. After touring Europe I find not only am I welcomed for my skills on the mic but I’m highly celebrated for the culture in which I come from.

KALTBLUT:  The summer is here finally and a lot of things are happening. You’ll be taking part in WHOLE festival in June. How did this happen?
Mister Wallace: I asked the universe and she replied, “Like the Birds & The Bees, like the wind in the trees, like the clubs overseas, it was all just a dream…”

KALTBLUT: Can you maybe give us a little hint of what we’ll see there?
Mister Wallace: Glory on high

KALTLBUT: How is it so important to have an event like this taking place?
Mister Wallace: Queer liberation is the key to the future and events like WHOLE are how we keep that energy growing

KALTLBUT: Regarding this specific trip, what are you the most excited about?
Mister Wallace: WHOLE is bringing together so many members of my queer family that I will be a reunion of epic proportions and I will also be celebrating my birthday on the day of my performance!

Photos by Misael
Instagram: @mondragophy

WHAT? Whole – United Queer Festival
WHERE? Gremminer See , Gräfenhainichen
WHEN? 14–17 June

Instagram: @mistercoolmom
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