Introducing Chia Lin Hsu

Presented as part of FJU Talents at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week S/S23, Chia Lin Hsu is a graduate of Fu Jen Catholic University, Fashion Design, and their work focuses on personal experiences through observations of human struggles within their roles in social structures.

The collection, entitled “Captivity and Liberation”, is inspired by the conflicting aesthetics of 90’s Surrealism, exploring these ideas through draped and pleated curtains, oppressive chains and monochromatic black and white patterns.

“Anyone may be in a state of captivity, waiting and trying to be liberated. Sometimes such struggles instead create a sense of yearning and deformed beauty. Through my work, I want to convey that as much as these bondages seem negative, pervasive and torturing in our daily lives, they will eventually bring out unique and brilliant souls.”

Chia Lin believes that the bondages of the social framework are shackled everywhere in routine. “My creations focus on personal experiences which are observations of human struggles within their roles in the social structure. The technique is inspired by 1990s Surrealism which expresses contradiction and uneasy mental conflicts by condensation, transfer and symbolism.

FJU Talents is an annual platform showcasing emerging designers from Taiwan. The platform was launched in 2017 and is sponsored by the College of Fashion and Textiles of Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU). A leading fashion and textile design education institute based in Taiwan since 1970. FJU Talents supports and nurtures the institute’s talented alumni in the global fashion scene. Four selected designers will be supported by FJU Talents each year to showcase their capsule collection at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

Words by Lewis Robert Cameron
Hair: Balmain Hair UK / Diego Miranda
Beauty: AOF Make-Up / Sharka Make-Up Artist
Photography: Chris Yates