Introducing White Label Project

White Label Project is the first e-commerce platform for carefully curated impact-driven design brands empowering women from around the globe. Take a virtual trip and discover the collective interior design brand M.A by Melissa Ávila and women artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico, handcrafting ceramics and carpets or AAKS by Akosua Afryie designing and producing raffia bags handwoven in Northern Ghana or the jewellery brand Pichulik by Katherine Pichulik from Cape Town, South Africa, up-cycling ropes destined for the sailing industry.

White Label Project (WLP) connects you with designers and artisans all sharing the same ambition to preserve artisanal traditions by bringing them into a modern design context, generating stable incomes for the crafters behind each product and using natural fibres and sustainable materials.

The co-founders state: “We are committed to creating long-lasting impact through a business model which embraces sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, social and environmental. We want to show that all three dimensions of sustainability can go along with each other.”

The idea behind WLP, which has been founded by Ann-Kathrin Zotz and Caroline Foerster, is to provide a digital platform and services for impact-driven design brands to grow their businesses and to tell each brand’s story – about their makers and inspirations, artisans and communities, and culture and traditions. With a background in enabling small businesses to trade sustainably with international organisations as well as in marketing strategy and digital design for international consumer brands, WLP is interdisciplinary at the core and continuously strives to combine the two perspectives in its business model.

The next goal is to go beyond an online marketplace and build a global community to exchange knowledge and expertise, engage in collaborations and get inspirations for sustainable design practices.