Jensen Sportag remakes Obey City ft Kelela – ‘Airy’

The Jensen Sportag spin on Obey City’s  ‘Airy’ is absolutely stunning! New Yorker cited Obey City aka Sam Obey as one of the city’s electronic shamans, and now the Brooklyn-based producer and multi-instrumentalist looks to some of his friends and collaborators from around the world and curates a line-up of enigmatic artists to re-work his acclaimed ‘Merlot Sounds’ EP. The EP sees Nashville songwriting duo Jensen Sportag work the Kelela fronted ‘Airy’ into a magic hour, lovers’ anthem; alongside Leaving Records’ Japanese alchemist and Day Tripper label head Seiho, the next level rap of S-Type, Toronto’s smooth club producer Deebs and Norwegian RnB DJ, Hi Tom. Take a look at the beautiful new video above.

Obey City’s ‘Merlot Sounds: Alternative Versions’ is out now, download it here.