Clothing by Angelika Oellinger

KALTBLUT presents: Under Construction

This Editorial is a collaborative work by photographer Nathan Ishar and Angelika Oellinger, both currently studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Angelika’s collection „Under Construction“ was inspired by the “triadic ballet” (1922) of Oskar Schlemmer, in which he represents the human body, using geometric shapes and thus referring to the mechanization of the society after World War I, as well as by Naum Gabo’s head no. 2  sculpture of and his thoughts about creating volumes without a mass. Nathan’s photographic works are currently influenced by the relation of the human in concrete, urban environments and other interesting places, especially architecture by Tadao Ando, Zada Hadid and Peter Zumthor. Furthermore he is interested in the lack of equality in societies, the possibilities of the photographic medium and the absurdity of the daily life. Models are Sherin signed at IMM Bruxelles, Bettina signed at Mega Model Agency, Nina Timmermans. 

Photography by Nathan Ishar / / Instagram: @pramoediya

Fashion and Styling by Angelika Oellinger / @angelika_oellinger

Model Sherin signed at IMM Bruxelles / Instagram: @sherinlova

Model Bettina signed at Mega Model Agency / Instagram: @bettee.molnar

Model Nina Timmermans / Instagram: @nina_timmermans