Korean jewellery brand NUMBERING presents its refreshing pre-spring 2023 collection

The Seoul-born accessories brand NUMBERING presents its latest capsule, inspired by the seaside and the feelings of love and joy it brings. The new nautical lookbook showcases a variety of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that can be easily styled both as assets and as self-sufficient minimalist accessories.


A distinctive feature of the PS’23 collection is the masterful combination of classy and chic precious metal and mother-of-pearl with youthful forms. Heart-shaped pendants and brooches soften the serious vibe gold-plated jewellery usually gives off, bringing a rebellious and quirky feeling to the atmosphere of the collection. Love is another inspirational topic here: with its new capsule, NUMBERING suggests being more open about feelings and letting oneself show genuine affection with words, deeds and symbolic gestures.

Artificial and natural pearls, gemstones and the brand’s signature massive chains – these new accessories by NUMBERING are created to give a breezy, cool impression. Casual, but able to draw all the attention to the wearer, the brand’s exceptional jewellery isn’t too much nor not enough: since pieces are easy to mix&match – one can regulate the “volume” of accessorizing, going classy minimal or all the way extra next season.

Numbering has gained popularity among such influencers as Jourdan Sloane, Maria Bernad, Taylor La Shae, Sami Miro and other fashion gurus and has been featured in Vogue US, Vogue Spain, Vogue Hong Kong, Harper’s Bazaar US, Forbes and many other media. The brand was seen on the main characters of the rebooted show “Gossip Girl” and is also appreciated by the members of one of the most prominent K-Pop bands BTS.