Anton Schnaider identifies his new collection as an unseasonable drop, which is named “OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE 3.0”. The continuing Anton Schnaider’s designless philosophy of KSENIASCHNAIDER menswear collection traces through the third drop: pure function, ultimatistic, seasonless (key words of the collection).

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“Why should designers make any move unless they add a new vision to the culture?” – The question, which Anton took through the collection. A “RELOAD” happened: the сomparison of clothing with the fresh software. Technology needs to be updated, just like humans. Each person creates a character from himself, which is broadcast to the world. We live in the game and constantly upgrade our state, knowledge, appearance, environment.

“One-script computer game” is a representation of humanity behaviour towards fashion. The highlight of the 3rd mens drop is to create a comfort but not a trend.

To grasp the sustainability in KSENIASCHNAIDER, this season designers worked with the vintage clothes, which was reworked into new garments:

The patchwork wool sweater & vest offer you an unlimited “eye for the detail”. Merely, production leftovers hand-sewn together.

The stripped selection is a straight way to reproduce freshness from vintage jeans.

The snap of the drop: Reworked tracksuits, where vintage sportswear from Kyiv second hands are rolled-out of the recycle system.

www.instagram.com/kseniaschnaider / www.kseniaschnaider.com