Love Song For A Vampire by Súper Fuerte Studio

Súper Fuerte Studio’ is a creative studio based in Spain that encompasses the entire production process of any commission: From the creative concept to post-production. We have our own photographic studio where we make out most of the projects. ‘Love Song For A Vampire’ is an editorial narrative project, a classic work with a film look. “We show the day to day of a vampire who has suffered a strong emotional breakdown in different situations and rooms in her home.”

“This project is our love declaration for the most difficult genre and the one we love the most: Horror movies. The project itself is a mix of visual references, from nods to great horror film classics, to iconic photographers like Guy Bourdin or Man Ray.”

Photography and Art Direction by
Súper Fuerte Studio / /
Instagram: @super__fuerte
Model is Majo Candela / Instagram: @eeemejota
Make Up & Hair by Anna Moolins / Instagram: @annamoolins
Stylist by Aurora Canós / / Instagram: @hauriccane / & Marta Cuitavi / Instagram: @_misspixel_
Production by Macarena Torres / Instagram: @maca_torr
Retouch by Elian Sánchez / / Instagram: @eliansanchezz / & Súper Fuerte Studio / Instagram: @super__fuerte
Copy by Karma Cereza / Instagram: @karmacereza
Art Assistant by Olga Clares / Instagram: @olga.clares