M. Rêve

high pleated, wool blend trousers Anais Gannyi

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photographer Alex ALEXOVA captured Mateo P.@ Metropolitan Models Paris for us. Fashion by Anais Gannyi. Hair and make up by Elodie Hitie. “I am a Fashion Photographer based in Paris, France. Born in Bulgaria on 1974 I became French in 1998. My interest in photography began during my career of model agent. The e-commerce industry was my startup as a professional photographer. I study visual communication & photography in privet school in Paris. Esthetic & creativity is what define my work.” says the photographer

wool coat, printed shirt, fine wool trousers Anais Gannyi

sleeves silk shirt Anais Gannyi

super wide, super wool wetsuit, bucket sleeves blouse Anais Gannyi

gathers top, ruffled panel in fine wool shorts Anais Gannyi

embroidered jacket, knitted wool, wool thread, wool blend trousers Anais Gannyi

open sleeves jacket, extra wide wool pants, open sleeves silk shirt Anais Gannyi

high pleated Anais Gannyi

photographer / Alex ALEXOVA
IG / @alexalexova

fashion designer / Anais Gannyi
IG / @regomeya

model / Mateo P.@ Metropolitan Models Paris
IG / @metropolitan_mmanagement

hair & make up / Elodie Hitie
IG / @elodiehitie


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