Maison Valentino Resort 25 “AVANT LES DEBUTS”

Valentino has once again taken the fashion world by storm, and we at KALTBLUT. are absolutely in love with the new chapter Alessandro Michele has unveiled. His debut collection, a masterpiece of bohemian intricacy, promises to return epitomized bohemianism to the forefront of fashion’s narrative.

Valentino’s New Era: An Ode to Timeless Beauty and Bohemian Mastery

Entitled “Avant Les Débuts” or “Before the Beginnings”, this Resort 2025 collection debuted on June 16, 2024, on the last day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, marking a momentous occasion for the House of Valentino. Featuring over 260 looks, this collection is a glimpse into Michele’s vision for Valentino – a harmonious blend of timeless beauty and bold modernism.

Michele’s work is deeply inspired by Valentino’s rich archival legacy, a tribute to the indomitable Valentino Garavani. The collection beautifully marries classical grace with innovative flair, and we couldn’t be more enamoured.

Exploring mixed-gender propositions across ready-to-wear to desirable handbags, exquisite shoes, and ethereal silk scarves, “Avant Les Débuts” sets a new standard. It’s evident that Michele approached Valentino’s codes with both an artist’s touch and a historian’s respect: “Something magical happened,” Michele mused. “We worked as if in an orchestra — with love, and without looking at the time. We lost ourselves in Valentino’s archive.”

We are particularly captivated by Michele’s reverence for Valentino Garavani’s legacy – a true testament to his deep connection and commitment to the house. Michele speaks with palpable passion, “I’m in love with the place I have decided to inhabit, which is becoming my home. Touching extraordinary relics worn by extraordinary women… His creations talk about him, his sophisticated fixations. About how a dress is a vehicle for extraordinary lives.”

The intricacy and dedication evident in Michele’s debut are breathtaking. “There’s a level of workmanship here that I am witnessing for the first time. I can ask for the impossible,” he shared. “For someone like me, it’s a continuous orgasm. It’s a climax.”

We, along with the rest of the fashion world, eagerly await the next crescendo at his upcoming Ready-to-Wear SS 2025 show this autumn at Paris Fashion Week. Alessandro Michele’s journey with Valentino has just begun, and it already feels like a timeless romance.