Manifesto by Berry Behrendt

A KALTBLUT exclusive. ModaLisboa kicks off the new fashion season today and we are celebrating designer Valentim Quaresma with an exclusive editorial by Berry Behrendt. Model Sonja Yaso is wearing Fashion and Jewellery by one of our favorite designers from Portugal. Sonja Yaso is an iconic former Model, make up artist, fashion and beauty editor and fine artist (collages and Paintings). She was running on the catwalks with young Naomi Campbell, Cindy and Claudia. Sonja is now based in Lisbon. The shooting took place at Palacio National da Ajuda , Lisboa!

Fashion and Jewellery by Valentim Quaresma @valentimquaresma
Photography by Berry Behrendt / / Instagram: @berrybehrendt
Model : Sonja Yaso /
Make up by Sonja Yaso @sonjayaso