Maria Prymachenko X ZigZagZurich

With the missile attack and destruction of the Ivankov Museum by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, numerous works of the artist Maria Prymachenko, one of the kindest people in the history of Ukrainian art, were destroyed.

ZigZagZurich has coordinated with the Prymachenko Family Foundation and is pleased to have the artist reinterpret and produce three of her signature works in wool blankets: Dove of Peace, Maternity and Children Guards.

Proceeds from all sales will benefit the foundation and its non-profit organization, Volunteer Movement.

“We need to help now”, says creative director Michele Rondelli: The wool blankets can already be ordered in advance, delivery will be in about 6 to 8 weeks.

The ZigZagZurich Artist Wool Blanket collection celebrates original art woven in New Zealand Wool blankets. Our unique development of these artist blankets in conjunction with our global artist roster, give your home something unique to add. These real New Zealand wool blankets will keep you warm at home or out (they make super ponchos as well!)

If you have a special request please get in touch with

100% Woven Jacquard New Zealand Wool Nordic Blankets (1.4kg / 3.1 lbs of wool)
140 x 200cm / 55″ x 79″ (woven that little bit longer to keep your toes warm)
Pure New Zealand Wool
Hand Wash Cold / Dry Clean
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified meaning no harmful chemicals or synthetics used during production
Woven in Europe