Models Of London: Philip Ellis

Philip Ellis was booking Dazed & Confused covers the moment he was signed. In the 3 short years since he’s been working, he’s graced the pages of I-D, Another Man and November Magazine. His hard edge council estate boy vibe helped him book Campaigns for Religion and the Trill x Harvey Nichols. Currently studying fashion design at Central St Martins, KALTBLUT Magazine is looking forward to what Philip has planned for the future.


Name: Philip Ellis / Age: 21 / Birthplace: Stockport, Manchester / Agency: Established / Category: Fashion


How were you discovered: On the internet..but things kicked off when I moved to London in order to study.

What has been the high light to you carrier so far: Shooting with Nick Knight has been a definite highlight. He was incredibly polite and the final image is amazing.


Whats your dream booking: Something for Paris Fashion Week.

Who’s your favourite fashion icon: John Galliano.


What item of clothing could you not live without: A flight jacket.

How do you keep fit: I walk a lot, does that count?


Whats you favourite food: Pork pies.

What do you do for fun:  I´m always having fun.


Whats the best thing about being you: Its fucking fabulous.

If you were an animal what would you be: A tiger!

Instagram: philipjellis


Photography: Karl Slater

Styling: Kennedy Silver

Grooming: Jo Coletta Using Skincare by Go24.7 & MAC Cosmetics.

Hair Stylist: Chrysostomos Using Bubble N Bubble products.

Phillip is wearing: Unconditional