Models Of London: Zachary Greneneger

This week we meet international model Zachary Greneneger signed to Select. Starting at the young age of 14, Zachary has had quiet the career already. Booking jobs with Gap, Calvin Klein and editorials in GQ , Mens Style magazine and August Man magazine. With his classic look driving high end fashion people crazy we see Zachary as a breath of fresh air. In this short informal interview we get to know a little more about Zachary and what brought to this point in his career.


Name: Zachary Greneneger / Age:18  / Birthplace: Born on the Northern Beaches in Avalon Sydney Australia / Agency: Select Model Management – London , Kult Management – Germany , DNA management – New York , D-Management – Milan and Priscillias Model Management – Sydney. / Category: Fashion


How were you discovered: I was discovered at the age of 14 when i was walking down the road in Double Bay by flo from Viviens Model Management and again in Pitt Strett Mall by Erserla from Chic Model Management in Sydney but i felt like i would fit in at those agency so i approached the team at Priscillas and they took me on and it felt like home and we have become like a big family after all these years.

What has been the high light to you career so far : The highlight of my career so far has been doing 2 back to back editorials with GQ it was really the launchpad for my career . Both editorials were 6 pages long and main fashion. So i was vey honoured to be apart of that.


Whats your dream booking: My dream booking would have to be a Versace Campaign or Calvin Klein campaign .. Either would be great for both my career and reputation!

Who’s your favourite fashion icon: Hmmm well considering I have so many its hard to nail it down to one but in terms of influence on the industry probably Marc Jacobs .. He is so innovative in what he does it makes fashion what it is today..  


What item of clothing could you not live without: I definitely could not live without my Scotch and Soda in printed pants even though i don’t get many chances to wear them when i do its a stand out for sure !

How do you keep fit: Well i run 10km a day and do light weights 3 times a week !! So pretty intense but pays off for sure.


Whats you favourite food: Well the entire Japanese cuisine is amazing but i do have to say i love sashimi.

What do you do for fun: Party and surf really and find new and interesting ways to do stupid things with my mates.. But travelling is by far the funnest !!

Whats the best thing about being you:  Umm it has to be the fact that i am who i am and i dont care what people think… Im a take it or leave it type of guy ! On top of that i am an open book to everyone who knows me so i guess that’s whats good about being myself.

If you were an animal what would you be: I’d be a hawk because they are the perfect balance between intelligence and athletic greatness plus who wouldn’t want to fly !



Team Credit:

Photography: Karl Slater
Styling: Kennedy Silver
Grooming: Jo Coletta using Kiehls & MAC Pro.
Hair: Fabien Salaget using Matrix
Tallent: Zachary Greneneger @ Select Model Management
Text: Karl Slater


Coat by Unconditional
Top by Domingo Rodriguez
Trousers by Samsoe & Samose