Moment to myself by Michael Umesiobi

Michael Umesiobi is a Jamaican/ Nigerian artist and stylist based in Brooklyn, NY. Michael’s  main focus is editorial, personal and wardrobe styling, as well as art direction. In this story “Moment To Myself”,  Michael shares is a breathtaking glimpse into a quiet moment shared between the audience and Malik, the model of this story. 

” The narrative conveys a feeling of comfort, stillness and strength. Beyond the contained bleak space of a studio or an overcrowded borough background. We are transported to patch of land untouched by the masses and free of chaos. We hope “Moment To Myself” can provide a tranquil break from the norm, by providing strong sartorial moments further elevated by the combined efforts of everyone involved.”
Photographer is Becky Mcneel
Instagram: @becky_mcneel
Style / Direction by Michael Umesi
Instagram: @umesi__
assisted by Michael Aidoo
Instagram: @aidooessel
Model is Malik Brand
Instagram: @maahleek
Fashion credits:
Siglio, Jimin Lee, Telfar, Syro, Bugs Garçons, French Connection