#LFWMEN – Korean brand MÜNN continues to break down the boundaries of conventional menswear for SS20 at LFWMs, exploring alternate formalwear for the more experimental younger man who blurs the lines between what it means to be male in today’s modern and expressive world.

The last few seasons at LFWMs have seen various catwalk designers incorporating gender fluid influences in various ways, but MÜNN presented a welcome twist with streetwear infused, masculine collection emphasising intricate detailing. Injecting soft, feminine elements in subtle hits like dangling sparkling earrings, sheer shimmering socks and sandal combos, transparent neon lace vests, chain link chokers and metallic, floral prints. Backed up by bright, dazzling, orange-hued eyes from the beauty department.

Alongside the blending of masculine and feminine elements, creative director Hyun-min Han also celebrates the men who have come before the younger generation with certain boyish models carrying suit bags as accessories, referencing the working man. Before the final walk saw all models wearing said garment bags playing on the notion of creativity in a new generation of men with a bold imagination of what they may be wearing underneath.

Overall, a strong collection with polished wearability and sleek silhouettes backed up effortlessly by a femtastic finish.

Stylist- Elgar Johnson at Intrepid Artist
Casting- Shelley Durkin at Bryant Artists
Make-Up- Jenny Coombs at Streeters
Hair- Kiyoko Odo at Bryant Artists
Music- Hanbi Jeong