Stepping out from behind-the-curtain and spreading those gorgeous wings wide, is Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and performer, Anna Wise. Even though many may have previously known her as the partner-in-crime to Dane Orr, in their band Sonnymoon. It was her collaborations with rapper Kendrick Lamar on Good Kid, m.A.A.d city (“Real,” “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Money Trees”), To Pimp a Butterfly (“These Walls”, “Institutionalized”) that inevitably really got the ball rolling for her career. Their song “These Walls” finally also winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. However, in 2016 Anna entered a different arena when she self-released her first solo project: “The Feminine: Act I”. The EP led Vogue to describe Anna as “Trailblazing Feminist Pop” – an achievement on par with perhaps even that Grammy. It’s no doubt that in the age of Americana, skinny girls, social media and selfies – Anna Wise is a pioneer of the new age… An age where women speak out and female artist inspire and empower. And her message is unmistakably strong.

Lyrics from ‘Precious Possession’:

Hold me close I’m wasting away
Hold me close I’m too fucked to stand
I’m addicted to myself I’m addicted to my wealth
I’m lying to myself lying to myself
Put your lens in my face put your arms on my waist
Put your lens in my face (I need you protection)

But above all it is perhaps her song ‘Bitchslut’ that landed her that hefty title of “feminist pop trailblazer”:

In today’s age where nothing really ‘shocks’ anymore, and where many are also just learning to feel comfortable with the word “feminist” – Wise’s music successfully manages to resonate and appeal to listeners, where many others before her have perhaps fallen short. The way that she plays a hand in other creative mediums that accompany her music, like her involvement in the making of her music videos, photos and various designs. Make her an artist in the true sense of the word. Social satire mixed with contemporary pop sounds, clever yet ‘pretty’ music videos, are only a number of the reasons why the world is taking note of Anna Wise. No pun intended with that name, too, we guess.

Watch her most recently released music video for ‘Coconuts’ here: