Private x Public

#Lookbook – Designer Veronika Hopponen and Visual communication artist Masoud Morgan worked together on a project where they were inspired by the most Intimate objects we choose to hide in our safe space and displayed those on the public scene of Berlin. The Collection was captured in the central East Berlin station Ostkreuz by photographer Eva Fredrichs.

We were inspired by what people normally considered is private and intimate and something one normally hides in once private space and displayed it on the public scene of Berlin. We have been trying to play with the boarders of whats intimate and whats being shared. In a world today were almost everything is displayed on social media channels and were data protection is a central conversation. What is privacy in 2019?

Have we become more personal behind our screens than what we choose to display in the daily light.

We have been researching about private sphere and everything that it contains. Everything from our underwear to our health and the private digital information hidden in the History section of our browser. The result was a collection made from private home wear, pyjamas, underwear and towels. All rapped in plastic and transparent ribbons covered in typography made from data history, email passwords and bank information.
Styled with transparent handbags made from Daniella Mckinley Teruel. Inside the bags we put a mixture of ob- jects that has private connotations. By changing the norm of privacy we wanted to explore these two very separate worlds.

Designer: Veronika Hopponen @veronikahopponen
Typography: Masoud Morgan @masoudmorgan
Photographer: Eva Fredrichs @evafredrichs

Handbags: Daniella McKinley Teruel @dan0m00n
Styling Assistant: Johanna Braun @johannusb
Models: Lilly Schmalbrock, Kaitlin Roberts and Sophia Hohnerlein @_l.lly , @predthelove