Quarantine Self Portraits by Adomako Aman

A KALTBLUT exclusive story by Adomako Aman. “As a bachelor living in NYC during this pandemic, I’ve used this time to reflect on my life as a whole. I found an old hard drive with old photos/videos and decided to do a small project that gave me the chance to celebrate some fun moments that I’ve had with my friends and family. I decided to devote most of my time to editing these videos to freeze these moments that have once passed and to always use it as a reflection of my history along with a reference to my personal growth. Aman Home Videos is just my small intimate way of celebrating those who have entered my life. This Quarantine Selfie shoot just adds on to my personal history.

Model:  Adomako Aman  
Photography: Adomako Aman  
Hair: Adomako Aman  – 
Styling/Creative Direction: Adomako Aman