Quiet Reign

A KALTBLUT exclusive from New York! Starring Melanie Gaydos lensed by Rachel Thalia Fisher. Garment Designer and Stylist is Jessica Rowell. Jewellery Designer is Marianna Harutunian. Key Makeup Artist: Raisa Thomas.

My work is a spiritual practice, a raw extraction that manifests itself freely into form. It releases the subconscious, exposes the internal and opens portals within. I design fluidly with textiles directly to form, allowing the process to inform organically while reciprocating innately. My preliminary process is defined by concept and colour palette, utilizing mostly re-purposed, found and sustainable textile(s) and mix-medium. Cultivating technique and knowledge through a decisive independent study spanning over a decade, my work continues to instruct through practice and confront through error. Each project a new exploration, revelation and teacher.

Photographer: Rachel Thalia Fisher / rachelthalia.com / @rachelthalia
Model: Melanie Gaydos @melaniegaydos
Garment Designer + Stylist: Jessica Rowell / jessicarowell.com / @jessicarowell

NYC-based independent bespoke costume designer specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces. The garments featured in Quiet Reign were constructed from 90% repurposed textiles. The pieces feature antiqued lace created via tea-dying and all hand-pleated ruffling. The colour palettes utilized are somewhat outside of my typical palette and personally posed a challenge in navigating the works as creative expressions. All three pieces were retired for a few years before revisited and completed. This project is the first in returning to my design work after prolonged hiatus and represents softness and strength.

Jewelry Designer: Marianna Harutunian / @mariannaharutunian
Key Makeup Artist: Raisa Thomas / @raisaflowers
Assistant Makeup Artist: Keyana Banks / @kbank.s
Studio: Monaliza / monaliza.studio / @monaliza.studios
Location: Brooklyn, New York