S.E.X. by Gina Tilgert

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Gina Tilgert is studying photography in Hamburg, Germany. Her passion is fashion photography and Tilgert is fascinated by the fact that in this domain everything is possible. She loves to combine art, contemporary historical topics and fashion altogether, and, this is exactly what she did with her new series S.E.X.

Brands are
Topshop, Pretty Little Thing, eBay, Vintage, Primark, Nine Crows, ASOS, Topman, Monirath and Stylist’s own.

Photography by
Gina Tilgert
Instagram: @ginasphotographs
Model is Charlie Lyons signed at NotAnother Agency
Instagram: @charlie.ie / @notanotheragency
Makeup and Hair by Angela Mulhern
Instagram: @angelamulhern
Styling by Oyindamola
Instagram: @oyinza