Sending flowers by Franziska Maria Annalena Goll

A KALTBLUT exclusive introducing designer Franziska Maria Annalena Goll. Photography by Christian Metzler. Metal jewellery constructions by Janina Au and Helen Spiegelhalter. Models are Fanny Forster, Sascha Scherer, Lea Mistrafovic and Clelia Schäfer.

“I’m a 26 years old fashion designer and stylist and graduated in 2020 from Pforzheim University, School of design. In my work, the human body is the main focus. Clothing is a strong communication tool:  We’re always communicating with the way we dress – whether we want to or not. It is through the human body that clothing comes alive and communicates. Inspirations like psychology and the human as a being, music and dance, flow into my design process. My goal in fashion is not to produce commercial clothing, but to create pieces with a strong emotional value for performing arts, installation art, photography and film.” *Franziska Maria Annalena Goll

Humans and their icons — what would one define as an icon and project on it? Based on the definition of the icon as a longing, three icons emerged: self-fulfilment, love and meaningfulness. These icons represent the strongest longings. Human beings have a desire to get them fulfilled. It gives them to drive but can also end in obsession. Going so far, that one completely loses touch with its own identity and soul. The inner pressure to gain the same perfection as the icon.

sending flowers — the collection visualizes the detachment from the icon. The icon is deliberately presented as a shell. It’s not about emulating the icon as a shell but ones own individual longings and desires. Recognizing the own precious values and reflecting on how to get closer to them. The presentation of the collection reflects the act of letting go of the shell by taking inspiration from the farewell ritual related to funerals.

Design by Franziska Maria Annalena Goll / Instagram: @_johnsy
Photography by Christian Metzler / / Instagram: @christianmetzlercom
Metal jewellery constructions by Janina Au / @jingijango and
Helen Spiegelhalter / / @helen.spiegelhalter
Models are
Fanny Forster / Instagram: @fanny_forster
Sascha Scherer / Instagram: @rikasband
Lea Mistrafovic / Instagram: @leamistrafovic
Clelia Schäfer / Instagram: @cleli_a_rts
Fashion Brands are Franziska Maria Annalena Goll
Jeffrey Campbel