SHOCK THERAPY. Feat: tHERAPY recycle and exorcise

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial introduing: tHERAPY recycle and exorcise. A sustainable alternative and genderless fashion project. The story is named SHOCK THERAPY. Climate change, mass consumption, toxic gases emission, global warming, carbon bubble, forests, species and glaciers extinction, fracking, sea level rise, fake news… This Therapy Recycle and Exorcise’s editorial is inspired by some of Naomi Klein’s concepts about the consequences of fierce capitalism, presented on her latest book “NO is not enough”. Photograohy by Luis Simes. Styling by Paula Aguirre.

Quoting Klein: “Shock therapy, as a tool of capitalism and corporate policies, is a global phenomenon that involves tactics that, through a collective shock, seek to disorient the public in order to promote facilitating measures for large corporations. Overwhelm, generate semi-psychotic reactions to attack the sphere of the public and provide power to companies. Economic, climatic, safety, industrial shocks. Shocks of various kinds. One goes into shock to destabilize, to disregard reality of unreality. A gap is opened between events and the ability to explain them. They find us speechless, vulnerable, fearful and willing to renounce our rights in pursuit of a supposed greater good. “Any change is a change of theme,” Naomi says in her book, quoting Argentine novelist César Aira.

The proposal, from Naomi’s vision, is to understand how shock policies work and counterattack them from the unity. To face the facts that confront us and through collaboration, to make efforts to compete against the dictatorship of large corporations. To question the permanent increase in consumption as a way to measure economic progress.

Through this production, which portrays garments created according to the values of sustainability, D.I.Y. (do it yourself / do it yourself), upcycling and the reuse of discarded or second-hand materials, we bring our own interpretation about the shock therapy. With images that satirize it and at the same time, seek to generate an impact, to enable a reflection on consumerism and the urgent need to take a different path, to question these actions, to be united and empowered to face them and to create a better world to live in.

Photo: Luis Simes @luissimes /
Models: Agustin @agusbrocca – Camila @camilaespinosa99 – Molly @little_molly_  Mariano @nigrellimariano for Universe @universemanagement
Art Direction: Ignacio Obregon @ignacio.obregon
Styling: Paula Aguirre @poli_aguirre
Assistant: Mariangeles Aguirre @slave_2_words & Paula Aguirre @poli_aguirre
Wardrobe: Therapy Recycle & Exorcise @therapy_recyclexorcise_berlin
Sunglasses: Red x Manemane @manemanestudio & stylist’s own.
Shoes: Model’s own.


“We produce sustainable fashion via D.I.Y.. Our aim is to re connect fashion with self expression and environmental awareness in opposition to its actual condition as dissatisfaction and consumerism generator, and second most polluting industry in the world. We are lovers of (re)design and authenticity.
We promote unique, gender and season free fashion with an accent on authenticity and uniqueness, but also consciousness and sustainability. Giving back to fashion its capacity to communicate something about us and to enhance our uniqueness as individuals, it becomes empowering. We describe our fashion with the words EMPOWERING SUBCOUTOURE.

We create all kind of pieces, a mixture between accessories and clothing pieces inspired by urban subcultures like punk, glam rock, rock, Schwarze Scene and BDSM. Our raw material are vintage pieces of clothing, discarded textiles and accessories of good quality, from earlier decades, as well as other material discards. What others might consider waste, we consider it a treasure that can be up-cycled, upgraded, and brought to new life. We rework, reinvent and customise the pieces according to our personal style and preferences, which becomes the brand style.

We work upcycling discarded or old materials. Upcycling means upgrading discarded materials, improving them by reworking them, trying not to produce waste, but reusing the most of the available materials.

When we upcycle, we give new life to abandoned, old or discarded materials. They become different products, more desirable because of beeing either stylitic renovated or functional again. The function can be the same than at the original material or a new one. Half of our work is finding, collecting and selecting the materials. The other half is desmanteling and connectiong the different materials with each other, to create new products out of them. The whole process is made by ourselves, by hand. This means that our items are unique piece. Some can be reproduced by using the same techninques, but the result will never be 100% exactly the same. “