The Boys! Photography by Jaseus

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear story. Photography by Jaseus. Models are Dennis & Deshane Sims signed at The Creatives Agency. Styling by Jase Bienemy. Hair by Jasmine Butler.

Photography by Jaseus / Instagram: @shotbyjaseus
Models are Dennis & Deshane Sims signed at The Creatives Agency / Instagram: @ai_dennis @ai.deshane
Styling by Jase Bienemy / Instagram: @whoisjaseus
Assistant Stylist is David Bienemy
Hair by Jasmine Butler / Instagram: @jazzydosllc

“My name is Jason Bienemy but I’m referred by the moniker Jaseus. I’ve been in the field of photography for almost six years but I finally took it seriously when my stepfather unexpectedly passed away in February of this year. Everything that I learned about photography in these last six years has been self taught. I often wanted and tried to find a mentor though but majority of the people I thought were dope were too narcissistic. So I learned on my own, the long way.  I’m the photographer, stylist, creative director, and sometimes designer for majority of photoshoots. I’m just living in a great bubble of creativity right now.”