The little things that run the world by Iamhumanz

Henri Kirsch aka Iamhumanz is a performance artist and conceptual photographer from Berlin.
Her work draws inspiration from societal norms, environmental morality, and the problems self-inflicted by humanity. Her photography explores the beauty within repulsion. The repulsion within beauty. With an eye for the unnerving, she will bring you face to face with the disturbing. Model is Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht and Makeup Artist is Juliane Polak.

Insects are essential for the functioning of our ecosystem. 
About 25 per cent of the insects in Germany are on the Red List of endangered species. 
This threat must be made heard. The photo series “The little things that run the world”  visualizes insect extinction in the context of the digital world. The shooting itself was almost symbolic. Breathing was denied, speaking was impossible. The analogue mask is reminiscent of face filters that are currently enjoying an enormous hype. However, such attention would be appropriate for insect deaths.

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Instagram @iamhumanz

Model is Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht
Instagram: @hwillywonkaweinhaus

Makeup Artist is Juliane Polak
Instagram: @julianepolak