The man from the desert – Dmytro Avramenko by Lana Izbitska

Kyiv based photographer Lana Izbitska collaborated with Dmytro Avramenko and created an art project of an absurd vision of human life in the nonexistent rain. It visualizes a man who lives in the desert and has never seen rain. The model lives the story of how this person would behave with an umbrella and in a raincoat.

The main goal was attracting the attention of a person and makes him ask: ‘WHY?’ Ignoring others, being not ashamed of your body and not afraid to seem strange, just turn on imagination and live your life! Three epithets perfectly characterize the shooting: absurd, strange, sweet.

Lana is a photographer for about 3 years. She likes to show the duality, madness, beauty of the world and man as its component in photographs. She likes to portray ordinary things from an unusual angle, to assemble a different component: from the image to the character and location, into an integral puzzle. She portrays what she feels, experiences and sees. Lana loves working with people who support her experiments and are not afraid to look weird.

Dmytro is a Ukrainian model who likes to do more than models usually do. He organizes the shooting independently, thinks through ideas, images, locations, gathers a team, manages the process and at the same time works as a model on the set. He likes to break down stereotypes about models, not to match his appearance and to make people look differently at a person with a baby face and cute curly hair.

Original concept, directing and fashion by Dmytro Avramenko
Instagram: @dym_amensky

Photography by Lana Izbitska