Tomorrow TV and the longest ever drawn out bingo game!

Tomorrow TV Show is an independently driven queer talk show, skewing the traditional format, featuring artists and activists who are underrepresented in mainstream media, giving a platform to progressive voices with an emphasis on the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Since Corona came into our lives, we, unfortunately, haven’t been able to move very far with the production of the talk show but we’ve created a little something in the meantime. In order to get the word out about who we are, entertain folks and raise cash for the production of our launch episode, we’re hosting the longest ever drawn out Bingo game on Instagram!

Starting on May 27th, we’ll be revealing a new number every day at 5 pm on our Instagram until we get a winner! We’re using this as an opportunity to introduce Divina as our host and we’re bringing in Mikey Woodbridge and Baby to help us with the reveals. Since everyone has been affected by Corona in different ways, we wanted to create something that would give people something else to get excited about while also getting some more funding for our launch. I’m attaching the promo flyer here and you can check out the full details on our fundraiser site here: